The original ballet barre exercise method.

Classes in East Sussex and Kent

 – Dallington (midway between Battle and Heathfield).

A dramatically effective and fun combination of dance, core strength – like Pilates – and Yoga.  Dance inspired – the legendary total body workout developed by Lotte Berk to lengthen, strengthen and sculpt the entire body.

Toned long lean strong muscle:

Designed to achieve a lean, supple and toned body, the LotteBerk® exercises will transform your body shape. Very good during pregnancy and for recovering your pre-baby figure. Probably the best exercises around for toning and shaping, as well as fantastic ballet and yoga like stretches that make muscles lean and long.

Created over 60 years ago by a German dancer Lotte Berk, the moves are based on modern dance, core stability (like Pilates) yoga and physiotherapy. The original ballet barre exercise method loved by converts world wide.

Like Pilates & Yoga but with added Ballet Barre Exercises:

Lotte Berk exercises focus on core stability around the pelvis and lower back like Pilates, but in addition has brilliant ballet style barre work to give you a taut dancers figure, as well as amazing stretches based on ballet and yoga.  The Lotte Berk Exercise Method has been called the ultimate body transformation system.

Improve posture and flexibility, strengthen and tone:

Used worldwide ever since by professional performers, athletes and those searching for general fitness, flexibility and an exercise regime that never palls.

Shape Stretch Tone Flexibility Balance


Lotte Berk Figures

“If you want to keep a youthful figure forever, you can.”