Lotte Berk InstructorFiona trained as a Lotte Berk instructor in 2010, having been a devotee of the London classes for many years before that. She is a keen athlete who trained as a gymnast to Springbok level in South Africa. When her gymnastics career came to an end, she looked for another sport she could feel passionate about, beyond running and keep fit classes. Nothing, however could replace the gracefulness of gymnastics until she discovered the Lotte Berk Exercise Method at the studio at 465 Fulham Road in London. Once she started classes she was hooked – her shape, muscle tone, flexibility and strength improved dramatically, as did her co-ordination and fitness for other sports.

The rigorous training program lasted more than a year, and despite attending The LotteBerk Studio almost daily for years, there was a huge amount to learn to be able to teach to the high standards required to get a LotteBerk® Diploma, and become a fully certified teacher.

The training covered Anatomy and Physiology, with many workshops led by highly experienced Chartered Physiotherapists, as well as the science of stretching, posture, pregnancy, post partum and remedial workshops. The theory was coupled with many hours of practical teaching under the supervision of Gay Christie, Director of LotteBerk®.

Fiona is a fully certified LotteBerk® teacher, a member of the LotteBerk Association of Teachers. She continues to visit the London studio frequently to attend classes and workshops, to teach when invited, and to continually refresh and update her skills.

Fiona is fully insured by FitPro