“I must be one of Fiona's older students and am thoroughly enjoying the classes which are such fun. I go home feeling taughter, taller and more bendy than I have ever been.”

Sue C, Bodle Street


“I’ve just been skiing and my legs have never felt so strong, absolutely delighted and all thanks to Lotte Berk.”

Michelle, Heathfield

Me too, just back from skiing and thanks to Lotte my legs were stronger than they have ever been

Nicky, Burwash


“I love every minute of my LB classes with Fiona, although it doesn’t always look like it from my grimaces. Fun and firm in just an hour!”

Sarah L


“Fiona’s class is the most unintimidating, friendly and welcoming one I have ever been to, whilst also being a thorough workout!”

Victoria F


“When I was at the class I was easily able to complete the exercises as I am very fit. However two days later I was pleased to note that I had delayed onset abdominal muscle soreness which showed that these exercises go way beyond the scope of the usual toning exercises. I would love to come back to your class as I really enjoyed it and I knew it was a level above anything else I had tried.”

Agnes H


“I always feel so good after a class, that lovely feeling after having pushed yourself physically, in such beautiful surroundings with such stimulating company, yum.”

Susanne, Burwash


I used to take painkillers for my knees when I did any exercise, incuding tennis. Since taking up regular Lotte Berk classes the toning and strengthening exercises have made such a huge improvement overall, that I no longer need the tablets. It really is marvellous having someone like Fiona in this corner of Sussex.

Nikki, Dallington


If you want to feel that every part of your body is toned and if you want to feel you have the energy to do virtually anything, then this is the class for you!

V. Wood, Cross in Hand


I was trying on trousers in a shop in Tenterden and the lady next to me said how wonderful my bum looked in the trousers – I told her it was lots of hard work at Lotte Berk

LB, Tenterden


I have to say the Lotte classes in Taiwan are a lot harder, its not relaxing at all, you find yourself stiff and tired afterwards, whereas in Fiona’s classes you feel pain, but very refreshed.

CS, Brightling


I really enjoyed the class – for the first time in many months I woke up in a very positive frame of mind – I genuinely believe physical and mental wellbeing to hand in hand!

AJ, Herstmonceux

I am thoroughly enjoying the Lotte Berk exercise classes.  I was looking for something to improve my flexibility and tone, and this ticks all the boxes.  Also, I get the chance to embrace my inner Darcey Bussell working at the barre…its all good!   Thank you Fiona.

Katie R, Hailsham

Fiona’s classes are superb. Tough but enjoyable – exactly what I need. The stretches are superb and its always a fun atmosphere

Suzi C, Rushlake Green

I can’t bear to miss out on one class, I really love it so much

FS, Biddenden